Bless Cakewalk. While most of the music software business lags behind on the latest computer tech, these guys are out on the bleeding edge. They’re one of the first developers in any product category (not just music) to take advantage of the 64-bit edition of Windows. And they’ve been busily testing all the high-end PC laptops, desktops, and rack-mounted machines for a quick encapsulation of how they’re performing. The machines they like include some systems built for pro audio, like the Rain Recording systems we’ve been talking about, as well as some mainstream boxes from Dell, HP, and Alienware. They even share audio card details and the setups they’ve used at trade shows:

Cakewalk DAW Labs

I’m all for getting as much information as you can, so this is great, and worth looking for lovers of other native applications, too. Especially interesting among the vendors they list, ADK Pro Audio will custom-configure a PC for you to your exact specifications, including many of the rack cases we’ve been talking about lately (and a few we haven’t). Want a high-end AMD dual-core 64-bit processor and NVidia 7800 graphics card, all in a specific case? Sure thing, says ADK. (Though I do wonder, if you’re doing the specs yourself, why not build it yourself?)

Now we need this for the Mac, too. It’s a much shorter list, of course. 😉