Reason is more than a soft synth package: it’s a platform, with rich support from a devoted community and, increasingly, an incredible amount of soundware tailored to the program’s unique features. IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality are going hog wild with new sounds for the app, and the quality of their Sonic Refills is very good from what I’ve heard so far. But why not try out some sounds for free:

Free Sonic Refill for Reason

I’m sure there has to be a good sound for a Thursday in there somewhere. And thanks to Reason’s Combinator, they’re all ready to play. Mostly, I’m excited by Malstràm patches. Mmmm, granular.

Got a favorite ReFill for Reason? (Or one of your own?) Let us know. I’m off to try out the new Props’ Drum Kits, myself.