No, not G5s with dual processors: think racks filled with two Power Mac G5s. Composer Justin McGrath tips us off that Nine Inch Nails’ current photolog has a rack-mounted Power Mac G5, as we’ve discussed today and earlier today:

nine inch nails: current []

Apparently taken in a hotel room, Trent Reznor, Saul Williams, and Atticus Ross are on the road with their road-racked G5s and other audio gear. (Check out the cheap-and-quick recording tip: use a blanket or curtains to make an impromptu recording booth.) Looks like they’re also running Pro Tools via a Digidesign 002. And I don’t know where they stashed that Cinema Display. The rack mount itself appears to be a custom foam installation, like a bigger version of the racked Mac mini we saw last year. I think that is custom, not something commercially available, but feel free to let me know otherwise.