Another pick from CDM correspondent’s Adrian Anders and his Windows-tuned radar: You’ve got an app. You’ve got some VST plug-ins. Only problem is, your app doesn’t support plug-ins. That’s long been a complaint about apps like djDecks, Traktor, and Reason. Developer BEB Digital Audio claims to have solved the problem with a product called Effektor, which lets you use compatible applications with up to 16 plug-ins. The technical mechanism for this involves making your app into the plug-in, then routing audio and MIDI to the plug-ins and back, adding less than 1 ms latency (or so they claim; we’ll see it when it launches next month).

Compatibility: Windows
Availability: April
CDM Messe Outlook: Big news if it works

Still not bleeding-edge enough for you? Their website promises more for serious soft synth geeks: more VST magic, MIDI over networks, a KORE-like universal host, specialized solutions for CME keyboards, and probably soon a product that reduces latency by warping time and space. We’ll see it soon (and, jests aside, this should be possible to get working).