Moog fever is now officially out of control. As anxious Moog fans wait for the announcement of — some new synth — March 29, they’ll take any tiny crumb suggesting details of the new instrument. Even when it’s wrong.

Case in point: the Moog Solar, which sites like Gearjunkies have been declaring “the new Moog”. Calm down; it’s not. Long-time followers of Moog Music’s differently-colored special editions of their flagship Voyager synth know that this is just their special electric blue Voyager (shown) re-released in electric . . . orange. Looks damn cool, but it costs US$3200 in an exclusive deal from Nova Musik. The free Moog Movie DVD they’re throwing in doesn’t really make up for the hundreds you’re paying for the color. Stick with blue and buy a nice Moogerfooger for yourself. Unless you’re, like, Herbie Hancock, in which case, buy a dozen.

No, hopes remain high that what Moog is planning is a “Moog for the rest of us” mini-Voyager or Voyager Lite. All bets are off next Wednesday.

In the meantime, Tom Whitwell is trying to explain to the general tech crowd why we’re so passionate about this story. You already know, of course, but check the link for a fantastic album cover, Country Moog.