Wallace Winfrey follows up on last week’s story on rackable PCs for music with more tips for building your own PC case. Add a 64-bit AMD CPU and a PCIe audio interface, and you’ve got a serious performance beast for audio production.

The case/power supply maker Antec has a couple of rack-mount enclosures targeted at the musician called the “Studio Series”. There’s a 3U model and a 4U model, called suprisingly enough, the Take 3 and Take 4.

Antec Take 3
Antec Take 4

The Take 4 is currently on my spec list for my next desktop machine I’m working on.
For rack-mounting LCDs, check out flatmonitors.com.

An excellent combo would be the Take 4, a FlatMonitor Q-series rack
mount and a RoadReady slant-top rack case — but unfortunately, the
Antec cases are 20.5″ deep and the RoadReady has a maximum depth of 18″.
If you come across any racks with a 21″ depth and a slant-top, I’d love
to hear about it.

While we’re on the subject the PC Doctor blog last week posted a guide to building your own quiet PC, with details on which parts to get and other vital info. I’m serious when I say I want rig photos — let us know how it goes if you do go this route! -PK