Fabienne from The Unofficial Apple Weblog has some suggestions on rack-mounting Power Mac G5s and other Macs. She points to the Redco Audio Vertical Rackmount Frame. Yes, this one is a vertical frame, but it’s designed to fit other hardware like the Digi HD hardware shown here. Looks like a better solution for studios than it is for road-racking, unless someone can suggest a way to make it road-ready, but that’s partly a function of the size of the case. At US$149 it’s a fantastic bargain for any Power Mac owners; I’ll probably have to get one!

Fabienne offers some other rack-mounting tips, as well:

“When I worked in New York City at a studio called Engine 27 (that no longer exists in the incarnation that it was in then) I did this, which doesn’t look like much because the machines aren’t remounted in that picture, but those slide rails were used with rack mounted G4

Sure enough, this product comes from the now-defunct Marathon Computers, which also made a G5 version. Fabienne suggests scouring eBay. (Then again, for audio use, the Radco product looks better anyway.)

Fabienne also suggests epoxy or hot glue for rackmounting smaller products (like a Mac mini) to shelves. Thanks!

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