Here’s CDM’s resident game composer with the perfect opportunity for lovers of remixing and gaming. Why do I have a feeling that you’ll get disqualified if you mash Halo 2’s music with Animal Crossing or, for you long-time Mac/Bungie geeks out there, Marathon? (Maybe an odd quote from Myth . . . “Casualties.”) -PK

Tired of waiting for Halo 3, Gears of War, or Prey? Or is your music gear gathering dust since you setup that new Xbox 360? In either case, Sumthing Else Music Works (notable video game soundtrack record label), has a treat in store for you!

In conjunction with the recent release of the Halo 2: Volume Two soundtrack, a mash-up/remix contest has been launched. Once you register on the site, you can download stems from the original Halo 2 soundtrack, along with a Mashup Mixer application (if you so desire). You remix and mashup the stems to your heart’s content – using the provided Mashup Mixer or your preferred software tools – then upload the finished mixes for a chance to win some great prizes including Xbox 360 consoles, DJ equipment, and even a “high-end” Fender guitar signed by Nile Rodgers.

For those looking for some game-related fun, or those hoping to get a jumpstart in the game industry, this could be a fun and interesting way to get the ball rolling. Samples of the soundtrack are available on the site, and there are some great sounds in there, just waiting to be taken to the NEXT LEVEL by our CDM readership.

If you decide to submit an entry – or if your entry is chosen among the winners – let us know so we can showcase your work!