Just a few days into its life, the CDM community forums are already taking off thanks to the contributions of readers. The boards have already proven themselves to be a little unusual (in a good way). If you weren’t hanging out this weekend, here’s a little of what you missed:

A chance to meet & greet other CDMers, complete with the essential gear list
Richard Lainhart performing on Kyma and Continuum
A new dorkbot in Palm Beach
Insight into Processing and other open source software, some of the greatest music software of all time (and best MIDI controllers, too)
Favorite retro and budget music systems
Music making on Nintendo systems, both homebrew and those involving animated sea creatures
Experimental control surfaces with cameras and objects

Max/MSP, Pure Data (Pd), and Ableton Live are early software favorites, though there’s already a mention of a defunct sequencer for BeOS and new software for the Commodore 64. Lest you think this is going to be all about computer geekery, Tom from Music thing showed up to talk about his odd new hardware beast, the Crumar Bit One. (Crumar users, please chime in!)

Thanks for making the forum so interesting, so fast. It definitely kept us sane while we wrangled with MySQL databases, misbehaved import scripts, and junked-up story texts.