Micro-Composing: More One-Second Music, and Music Entirely from White Noise

In the digital age, you can pretty much output endless music, with endless resources at your disposal. So maybe it’s little surprise that music makers are looking for limiting factors — even extreme limitations, like one second duration or music produced from noise. When we ran a contest for one-second music a few months ago, […]

Pure Data (Pd) on Intel Macs; Learning Pd

Miller Puckette, the original creator of Max and an ongoing presence in developing its open source cousin, Pure Data (Pd), recently told the Pd mailing list he had compiled Pd for Intel Macs. You can download the Intel-native version on his Website: Software by Miller Puckette (Curiously, he calls them “iMacs”, but unless he’s modified […]

Peter Kirn - May 29, 2006

Streaming Suitcase: Free How-Tos on Audio/Video Streaming, Pure Data, More

Via the wonderful art and technology resource Rhizome, New Zealand-born new media guru Adam Hyde has made public a huge repository of information on, well, just about everything to do with streaming anything. Whether you’re streaming audio or video, whether you’re on Mac, Windows, or Linux, whether you’re using Pure Data or something else, if […]

Peter Kirn - May 29, 2006

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