Ah, sweet, sweet mono: because two speakers is really too many. Part of the idea behind the Reason Drum Kits 2 was providing alternative sampled drums with different miking configurations for different sounds, so in that spirit, the Props are giving away a mono set to registered RDK users. (Hey, why not give it to all Reason 3 owners to give them a taste of RDK? Oh, well.) The whole recording was done with a classic tube mic, the legendary Neumann U47, for that perfect mono sound. I’m off to give the new sets a try; I’ve sent off a review already on RDK and will let you know when it’s up. If you’re imagining this is another $500 sample library, though, think again: Reason Drum Kits are just US$100 list.

In the meantime, I do hope this means Motown, mono mojo is making a comeback. Take that, 7.1 surround. I hear a symphony.