Dr. Robert Moog would have had his 72nd birthday today, May 23. There are plenty of words you can say about him on this occasion, but why use words when you can use music? Richard Lainhart is kind enough to share one of his Space Jams with Jordan Rudess:

I’ve attached an MP3 of the first part of our Moog Birthday Space Jam from May 23, 2004. We did an online performance in honor of Bob’s 70th birthday on that day. This was just after the first MoogFest in New York, also in honor of Bob’s birthday, and since Jordan was performing with Rick Wakeman, I was able to go backstage and get Bob to record an intro for us, which opens the MP3. I believe Bob was able to listen in to the performance.

Some additional notes: Jordan’s playing his original MiniMoog D and new MiniMoog Voyager; I’m playing 2 copies of Arturia Moog Modular V on a PowerBook and Windows desktop.

Richard Lainhart + Jordan Rudess, Space Jam for Bob’s Birthday 2004 [MP3]

(For those of you who missed the Space Jam from Friday [details], be patient; it’s been recorded but not edited or made public yet.)

To Bob and all the teachers, inventors, and musicians who have given us the instruments and inspiration that let us make music, thank you.

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