In February, we looked at a high-quality pitch, tempo, and time-stretching algorithm that had made its way to a new exclusive version for Logic Pro, Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time. This sort of thing is necessary if you want to change the pitch or duration of audio without the usual garbled result. Now, it’s deja vu all over again: iZotope has their own algorithm especially tailored for Logic:

iZotope Radius

And it might be time for Serato’s long-popular rival to make room for some competition. 800% time stretch? 3-octave repitching? The Radius sound samples are simply incredible, and make me want to spend some more time with this algorithm; the creative possibilities are pretty tantalizing (especially when it comes to fluidly stretching out audio). Also, while the Serato requires an iLok dongle (meaning you have to plug in that dongle alongside Apple’s own), iZotope uses serial number authorization. In fact, if you’re the kind of person who likes to impulse-buy plug-ins (lucky you), you can get near-instantaneous authorizations on the iZotope site. You don’t even have to re-download the plug-in.

Part of the nature of adjusting audio is that no algorithm will work perfectly for everything, so it’s great that iZotope and Serato are providing two alternatives, on top of the built-in features in Logic. Like P ‘n T, Radius integrates right into Logic’s existing features. It’s a nice set of extras for Logic users, and another argument for opting for this DAW. (Now, take that last paragraph, stretch it about by 200% and pitch it up by a minor third.)