Being behind the scenes on a website is great fun when everything is working. Site admins can have an overview of everything going on: Instantly seeing new comments, forum threads, incoming links, spam forum signups and reader feedback gives a faint feeling of superiority which is just delicious.

With CDM2.0 we’ve tried to bring some of that flavour to you, the punter. We’re not letting you into the site stats or referrals just yet, but we do have RSS feeds for all posts, comments and forum messages. If you haven’t been watching those recently or aren’t into RSS yet (you should be, here’s an article, CDM can be your first subscriptions) I’ve got a couple of recent hilights for you.

Comments on CDM tend to be well thought out, polite and enlightening, which makes the occasional misguided unintelligent gibbering even more for us. Unfortunately these tend to turn up most often on older posts:

Thereminy Game Scores: Destroy All Humans!: A mister Poopinator had this to say: “this is the dumbest game ever invented! who the crap would ever want to play this piece of frog diarhea!! you guys are queer.”
Peter: I loved that “you all are queer” comment. Couldn’t find it in my heart to delete THAT, it was classic!

Analysis: Prototype Numark iPod DJ Mixer attracted some “passionate” (Peter’s description) comments when new, but it’s continued to give over time. DJ Chrome‘s comment was even more beautiful coming as it did after the iDJ2 announcement: “i RECENTLY BOUGHT THIS MIXER AND ITS A BIG DIFRENCE FROM CD MIXING…..NO DOUBT IT WILL NEVER BE CLOSE TO A VINYL DJ BUT ITS SO MUCH EASY THEN LOOKING FOR CD OR LOOKING LIKE A COMPUTER GEEK WITH A LAPTOP. AND THE BEST THING IS YOU GOT SO MUCH MUSIC IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS AS TO A CRAP LOAD A CDS IN CASES!”

Of course it’s not all caps and monkeys, the forum has slowed down a little but we’ve currently got CDMers on Myspace, Python + Midi, syncing video with a live band and a new electronic musician asking for live performance tips.

Can’t wait to hear from you.