I’m currently testing out my new BCD2000 which I picked up as a visuals controller, mostly for the jog wheels. While better controllers such as this or MsPinky makes scratching pre-produced video more intuitive, using scratches to generate visuals makes me much more excited. Enter the hottest new implementation: V-Scratch.

VScratch allows a visual transcription of every elements used for scratch composition.
It transposes all sound nuances made by the rotation of the record : the variations of speed, audio spectrum and volume.
In addition of the sound aspect (volume and frequences),
the physical act of spinning the record back and forth
is transmitted by an usual optical mouse set on the paper,
in the middle of the record.
All these variables are processed with java language, edited in Processing, according to animate a grid.

Check out the videos, perhaps I’m inured to “normal” video playing forwards and backwards rhythmically, but to me this is the best sound visualization ever (via WMMNA).

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