It’s been an extremely eventful couple of weeks, from the inside of the site anyway. From the outside it probably just looked like downtime, reduced posting frequency, more downtime, images disappear, images reappear, more downtime, more images disappear, and now everything is fixed.

This all came about when the (now ex-) CDM site host 1and1 Internet decided to – without any type of warning or notification – move the site to an “auxiliary server”, causing the first downtime. I can’t really speak about this in any detail, as I’m not the person who spent hours on the phone playing tech support roulette and being told that the server was down because of billing trouble, or bandwidth usage, or server load, or uhh, we don’t know, but we’ve taken it hostage and you’re going to have terrible performance unless you pay 10 times as much and move to a dedicated server. Fun times, and I’m sure Peter will share them with you when he returns.

In the meantime, we’ve moved the site to an account on Site5, who I’ve been dealing with for several years and recommend unreservedly. The migration went smoothly apart from some problems with the WPG2 WordPress-Gallery integration plugin, and now everything seems to be smooth so we can get back to making the site better and reminding Nat about the CDMotion graphics.

Thanks for bearing with us, more goodness will be hitting your screens soon.