Fashion and sound usually involves pumping soundtracks on the runway. SHOWstudio, an “online fashion broadcasting company,” has its own idea: they’re taking leading garments from this season into an anechoic chamber, where they’ll record the literal sound of the garments. “Feathers, sequins, glass crystals and beads, nylon, taffeta, leather, velvet, jacquard, zips and metallic chains” will all get recorded in this pristine audio environment. (They’re spaces that are almost entirely without echo; check out this Bell Labs story for more. John Cage was so taken by hearing the sound of his own body in a chamber that it helped him develop his ideas about silence.)

And, of course, since the thing looks so cool they’ll be filming the recording process.

The Sound of Clothes: Anechoic [SHOWstudio, via 21f Yahoo Group]

Live broadcast June 1, and I expect there will be archival shots, too. Oh, and don’t miss the clothes.