Any other industry, and a manufacturer Website with nothing but user stories about a product would be just another marketing ploy. But this is the music and audio tech industry, and, frankly, we love our tech toys and use them in interesting ways. It’s little surprise, then, that the Wires Suck! Website, dedicated to Frontier’s slick, little wireless remote for controlling audio apps, actually makes great reading. Users are taking advantage of the TranzPort’s wireless control capabilities for such unexpected tasks as DJing and recording Theremins (which otherwise wreak havoc since any movement — like going over to hit the record button — throws the instrument). That’s film/TV/game composer Shawn Clement pictured below, rocking out on his TranzPort and his Moog Theremin (dig Bob’s signature across the case). And as you know, we love anything with Theremins.

If you’ve got your own interesting story, you can get free accessories for your TranzPort. If they don’t post it, though, try me. I’ll, uh, buy you a drink or something. Oh, and I love my own TranzPort, or I wouldn’t be posting this. (I ain’t no shill.) I just don’t have a terribly interesting story about it. Then again, the night is young.