Fijuu2 is the kind of art that seems to have dropped in from a wormhole from the future. It’s tough to describe, a rotating three-dimensional world in which visitors can sculpt glitchy and resonating sounds, represented by fluid 3D models, all using a standard PlayStation2 controller. We got a chance to see some stills earlier this month, from London’s Cybersonica show where the latest version of the work was installed. Now, the artist has shared a video, and you can really see what this is all about:

Fixed YouTube link after it moved; thanks, Chris! -Ed.

The best news is, thanks to the rapidly-expanding real-time 3D capabilities of consumer computers, this could be just the tip of an iceberg. A pulsating, glitchy, morphing iceberg. Further details at the project site. Thanks to Chris O’Shea, Cybersonica curator and sumo of pixels.