Nintendo Day: For DS Homebrew Players and Nintendo Musicians, Buyer Beware

We’ve covered homebrew development and players for Nintendo DS before, but since then there have been some new developments. Yesterday, Gizmodo noted a media dock for the Nintendo DS Lite. The device looks great, on first glance: it plays MP3s, movies, and JPEGs off CompactFlash, right on the DS. But the killer feature for many […]

Nintendo Day: Tenori-On Live Performance in Spain, From ElectroPlankton Creator and Interactive Wizard

Toshio Iwai, creator of Electroplankton, is working on a new digital musical instrument with Yamaha. It’s called the Tenori-On and, at least from an industrial design point of view, it looks beautiful. And if you’re in Spain, you can check it out live in action.

Nathanael Jeanneret - June 7, 2006

Nintendo Day: How to Make ElectroPlankton Rock (A Wishlist)

I’ve had Electroplankton for a while now, and I feel the need to document my experience. Reviews of Electroplankton in general are redundant: people either get it or they don’t. If you’re a music nerd and enjoy experimental music, you’ll love it. Enough said. Hence, this exposition, or perhaps exposé – you choose. For anyone […]

Nathanael Jeanneret - June 7, 2006

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