It’s been a while since I looked at widgets for music applications, but here’s a new one, and it might be enough to make me switch back to Dashboard from Konfabulator:

BigBlueLounge Dashboard Widget

The widget includes a keyboard with built-in sounds (though no MIDI sending, sadly), tap tempo, and three calculators. You can calculate how much hard disk space you’ll need for a session, convert time to number of samples (not that I’ve needed to do that, but okay), and calculate the speed of sound at different temperatures. (Incidentally, the speed of sound does not change at different altitudes in any noticeable amount, which I would explain were I not feeling lazy. I think it might be in my book somewhere. Anyway, the good news is, you can calculate temperature’s impact on sound so you can make that delay in the ice cave really, really realistic. Nifty.)

Free, so have fun! Any widgets we missed since our widget roundup?

BigBlueLounge is a forum for audio with a massive number of threads. And unlike CDM, they actually build their own widgets. Any feature requests for a CDM widget?