By popular request, we’ve launched a new forum for Create Digital Music (and, soon, Create Digital Motion):

Share Your Work – CDM Forums

If you want to hear fellow CDM readers’ music, share your own, show off your crazy new interactive installation or VJ reel, look for collaborators to work on a song or to replace the bass player in your band, this is the place. And, since I just put it up last night without telling anyone, it’s quite pristine at the moment, so go do your worst. For now, this forum is wide-open; eventually we hope to split it into specific areas and add additional features, but for now, we’ve left it free-form so it can go the direction you want.

Since this is the Web, too, there’s no reason to compete with the excellent resources out there. So feel free to upload your music and video to free hosting services (FAQ coming on how to do that, for those who don’t know), link to your page on EM411 or MySpace (see thread on the latter), flickr photos of your gear, or whatever you like. We’re working on adding YouTube and Google Video support to the boards, too, for that full multimedia experience embedded right in the board.

Lastly, if you’re interested in checking out CDMers’ music tastes, be sure to check out (and join) the CDM group. Listening to the ‘group radio’ stream is especially entertaining, and it’ll get more so if more readers join, so have at it.