First a foldable MIDI keyboard, now a travel guitar with a jointed, removable neck so it folds into a case:

Stewart Guitars Stow-Away (via)

Detach this sucker’s neck and you can fit the guitar into a briefcase, not to mention terrify your friends. (Oh, for the love of God, you broke your guitar!) Bonus: heightened terror alerts won’t make people think you’re carrying a gun. They make a similar model called the Road-Runner.

But while we’re at it, what else could you put in your mobile guitar studio carry bag? Here are a few suggestions from CDM posts past:

  1. Vox DA5 miniature practice amp (see comments for similar models)
  2. Fender keychain pocket tuner
  3. iPod Nano with iRocker pocket tuner, metronome, virtual chord book, fingerings, and scales
  4. Treo running miniMusic software for scoring, composing, beats
  5. Laptop running Guitar Rig 2, made easier by Guitar Rig’s bundled, compact interface/foot pedal combo. And soon, Intel MacBooks should be supported

Guitar and bass players, what’s in your bag?

Updated: Kevin of the Nettles sends us details of his rig, with some terrific tips for an all-in-one music rig for the road.