Kevin says it all:

Haven’t you always wanted to be a sexy Japanese lead keyboard virtuoso heading her own fusion power trio?

Haven’t you always wanted to be Hiromi?

I expect some of you would settle for being the bass player. Watch as Hiromi tears away a grand and a Nord synth, simultaneously:

For more on Hiromi, check out her official Telarc site, free downloadable EPs, more video, and from my Keyboard Magazine colleague Michael Gallant, a feature story on Hiromi herself plus some how-to-play-like-her tutorials:

Keyboard interview/feature

How-to’s: Motivic Manipulation, Two Fingers on One Note, Two-Hand Attack (Kung-Fu, indeed), Return of Kung-Fu World Champ (as shown in the video), Packing it In

And in Japanese, her official site / blog / photo diary