A new companion to Create Digital Music, Create Digital Motion will focus on producing motion graphics, video, and animation, with an emphasis on real-time creation of visuals for performance, VJing, and interactive art.

Because artists increasingly span disciplines and media, CDMu and CDMo will share a single forum:

createdigitalnoise.com Create Digital Music / Create Digital Motion forums and community features

As always, we’ll depend on your news tips and suggestions for what to cover. You can reach us as always via the Create Digital Motion contact form.

While this site will follow roughly the same format as Create Digital Music, some things will be different. We intend to regularly feature video clips, since motion topics are much easier seen than described. That will include videos that provide creative inspiration, as well as those that demonstrate new technologies and techniques. And we will have the opportunity to look at topics that would never fit on the music site, like time lapse photography techniques and programming Flash.

At the same time, we expect plenty of synergy with Create Digital Music: not only are many of you doing both, but we’ll cover gear (like MIDI controllers and computers) that work for both music and motion. (For more explanation about what this whole thing is about, see my post on Create Digital Music.)

I’m pleased to have onboard James “Jaymis” Loveday, who will be taking on many of the editing and writing duties of Create Digital Motion. Jaymis is a talented VJ based in Australia and has done, honestly, most of the work putting together the new sites for both “CDMs” over the last few months; you can visit him on his site, jaymis.com. And yet again, Nathanael Jeanneret has outdone himself with a graphic design that conveys a lot of our message and mission. I could try to explain to you what CDMotion is about, but I think the graphics do a better job.

If you’re interested in writing for the site, too, please get in touch with me.

And speaking of talking, I’m going to stop, because we have too many stories to share with you, about VJing, interactive art, video, animation, Flash, Jitter, Processing, Quartz Composer, Final Cut Studio, the Adobe Video suite, Pd/GEM, vvvv, motion dive … well, stay tuned, participate, and I look forward to seeing you on the site and forums!