We’ve been watching Wusikstation for some time; it’s a lovely, gigantic soft synth for Windows that benefits from a devoted community. Version 3 was promised back in February, and now it’s here — or most of it, as there are still new v3 features that won’t appear until a point-one update:

Full details from KVR Audio

Here are some power features that make this stand above the deluge of soft synths we see each day: customizable tool tips, effects on individual layers, a modular filters and effects SDK for building custom sounds, matrix scripting, and plenty of effects: bit quantizing distortion, “stereo double” distortion with 2x oversampling, 3 tap mono and stereo echoes, reverse echoes, ring mod, stereo phaser and flanger, and a 32-band analog vocoder. All the effects are here now, but some of the other power features (including some undisclosed new functionality) will be in the update.

As always, the synth is microtunable, skinnable (custom skin shown here), and yet somehow still accessible.

The best part: the updates are free. It’s nice to see a developer adding features for its user base for a reason other than squeezing upgrade inventory. Wusikstation users out there, I’d love to hear from you.