Numark’s NuVJ as a DJ/Music Controller; No Nudge on iDJ2 iPod DJ Mixer (But Some Won’t Care)

Numark’s new VJ product looks like it could be the missing link DJ controller hardware a lot of us wanted. The Behringer BCD2000 is inexpensive, but availability has been scarce and it doesn’t yet support the Mac, on top of some MIDI implementation oddities. (See shipping and driver complaints, full review on PC.) The US$300 […]

TamTam, Music Software for Kids, to be Fully Open Source; One Million OLPCs in Nigeria

The One Laptop Per Child initiative, aka “that $100 laptop” though it will initially cost more like $140, just got its first leg up. Nigeria has ordered one million of the custom Linux laptops. Now the big challenge will be whether the OLPC developers can deliver the machines on-budget and on time, given its wildly […]

Peter Kirn - July 27, 2006

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