Ah, remember the days before the Minimoog made us all soft, and people used patch cords onstage? I don’t, because I’m just a wee kid. But there’s a movement now to bring those back. Richard Lainhart sends still more synth p-rn from his ongoing collaboration with Jordan Rudess. This time, he couples a gorgeous rack of Arrick modular synths. (See Synthesizers.com for more on the synths themselves.) Appropriately enough, they’ve entitled the performance A Fistful of Patch Cords.

Talk about old meets new: not only do modular synths meet Minimoog meet digital, but those visuals are from the new release of U&I Artmatic. Artmatic is a tool for creating dynamic visuals using a graphical, modular architecture, from the brilliant designer of MetaSynth and Bryce. More on the visual end of this performance coming to Create Digital Motion soon.

Happy Birthday, Bob Moog: Rudess + Lainhart Space Jam on Moogs New, Old, and Virtual