Fish-shaped glass armonicas? Electronic snapping instruments? An entire line of nonsensical products that’s fish themed? Via comments on yesterday’s glass armonica piece, bodhi points us to various fish-based “performance-art-manufacturing” creations by the Japanese maywa denki group. Examples:

Koi-beat: Manual rhythm-making machine in the shape of a carp. Inputted-rhythm by the switch is output at 100V.
Glass-Carp: Compact,easy-to-play carp-shaped glass harp. Turn the handle to move the glasses round.
Pachi-Moku: A unique back-pack-type”winged”musical device operated by electronic finger snappers. Two tones: high and low.

Pictured are the fish-shaped glass armonica (Franklin would be proud), and of course, the electronic finger-snapping device. (West Side Story will never be the same.)

Catalog of fish-themed products

The unusual fish-themed gear doesn’t stop at music, either. There’s a “fish swatter and container”, for instance. (What do you mean, “what for?” For swatting fish, silly.) Then there’s a custom painting kit so you can “Create your own one-of-a-kind ink rubbing of a fish for its memento”, and a fish bladder in a glass jar with air pressure controls. (Don’t ask.)

I like the fish bone extension cord, myself:

The CDM sea creatures leitmotif continues for reasons even I can’t explain. Now I half expect someone to come and slap me with a herring.