Max/MSP can compile applications that can run on any computer, whether they have Max or not. Result? You can distribute interactive sound toys anyone can play with. Leafcutter John has supplemented a full album with an interactive sound creation called FORESTER. In demo mode, it remixes sounds from the album; add your own sounds, and it becomes a free, personal musical instrument:

Leafcutter John site

The Forest and the Sea album
Leafcutter John - The Forest and the Sea

There are even video tutorials to get you started. I love the overlapping circles. The idea isn’t new; Monolake (Robert Henke, who went on to co-found Ableton) released Max software on an album. I do hope it’s an idea that catches on. Right now, the software is compiled only for PowerPC Macs; I’m going to try to help out with an Intel-native 1.6 version and Windows version since I have access to both those platforms; stay tuned here for more. In the meantime, let’s just sit and admire any band that performs live onstage with Slinkies: