The NAMM trade show brings together the biggest gathering of manufacturers of musical instruments and technology twice a year. Summer isn’t quite as big as the massive winter show in Anaheim, but you can still bet on plenty of new product announcements as the show rolls into sweltering Austin, Texas.

I’ve decided not to go to summer NAMM this year, so I’ll be covering new tech from afar. I’ll actually be in Chicago through the weekend, updating when I can and probably catching up next week. I have a project I’m really excited about that I’m working on in Chicago, but I can’t tell you what it is until later; stay tuned.

I do know that Ableton will be making an announcement tomorrow which we’ll be covering in detail; other than that, haven’t heard too much dirt.

But if you are in Austin this weekend, CDM wants to hear from you. Take pictures, tell us your impressions, and get instant fame, glory, and our respect for surviving this massive trade show. If not, well, as usual, I’ll be digging through the press releases to find what we really care about and, as always, to cover all the wonderful music-making stuff that doesn’t show up at big industry trade events.