Europeans tired of hearing the rest of the world talking about the imaginative music exploration game ElectroPlankton, now you can get your hands on it. Creator Toshio Iwai just got his European edition, as seen on his blog. He’s also taken the lovely photos of the packaging of the different editions shown. He deserves it: it’s great seeing interactive art getting this kind of wide release.

See our previous coverage of ElectroPlankton, but at the very least, we believe this can provide inspiration for future musical games/apps/interactive music making.

The Nintendo DS just became America’s best-selling game console. Nintendo says that’s part of a transition to mobile game systems. In CDM’s world view, it’s part of the world’s transition to mobile interactive music. Of course, we’re insane.

Speaking of Toshio Iwai, he’s the keynote speaker tomorrow (probably today by the time you read this) Thursday July 20 at Futuresonic 2006 in Manchester, UK, and is performing Friday the 21st with another of his wonderful creations, the Tenori-On, as seen on its official Yamaha site. If you go to either, a) we’re jealous and b) let us know how it is! I also expect we’ll hear back from our friend Cris @ Pixelsumo while he’s there.