From the Straight Out Of More Cash department (sorry Adrian). If your outdoor projection is riding a big budget, you should take a look at French projection collective Uruk Videomachine‘s mobile rig to get some ideas on how those corporate dollars could best be spent.

The truck looks great, but what they’re doing with it is even better.

To get more of a feel for the project, check out the higher quality version of the video on

The Video show was 15 minute long, and was performed two times a day for a period of 10 days, for more than 10.000 people. Antoine said that the message of the show was “the power of imagination” and that putting this together, took a lot of work, for the projection they used 4 video projectors (10.000 lumens each) and 4 computers using a custom made software to synch them all up.

via AccentFeed