What are you going to do when the revolution comes and power goes out? You won’t be able to fire up your small form factor visuals bomb and knock out storyboard cells for that zombie/nature documentary that’s been orbiting your head all day. Don’t worry though, the GTD nerds have visualists covered too.

D*I*Y Planner have been producing great CC licenced productivity tools for a while now. I’ve been using their Hipster PDA format To-do, Actions, and Grid templates, but somehow I’d forgotten that they also include:

A series of cards to unleash your creative side — Story Idea, Plot Point, Character, Item, Story Board(s), Mind Map, a pocket Photographic Release, and more.

I have to admit, I’ve printed out a nice sheaf of these and have been doing a little brainstorming creative side unleashing of my own. One of the great things about index cards is their shuffle factor, you can put a fragment or idea on each and move them in relation to each other. This would be fantastic for working on story flow or scene structures. Of course there’s purpose built software such as Final Draft, Storyboard Artist or even The Movies, but there’s something comfortable about scribbling on a collection of little cards.