Louie Iturzaeta writes to say PSP Rhythm has now hit version 6.0 with lots of new features. It’s pretty incredible to watch this application grow. I know we have some readers using this, so here’s what’s new:

  1. New user interface with programming grid, graphical knobs for parameters, oscilloscope.
  2. Sample Loading from Pattern Mode with up to 1000 sample folders with 1000 samples each.
  3. New skin format and support for up to 1000 skins.
  4. Mute/Solo function.
  5. Export Pattern and load it back as a sample.
  6. Bass Line synth reprogrammed.
  7. Time Stretch Effect.
  8. High Pass Filter Effect.
  9. Lots of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Here’s the new UI, which has a definite hardware feel to it:

Of course, if you don’t like that skin, you can download or make your own. This is a PSP Rhythm 5 skin, but I enjoy the reference to FL Studio for Windows. It’s like Fruity Loops to go:

PSP Rhythm Homepage
Windows installer
Manual installer

PSP Rhythm users, there’s a song writing contest on; you can win a memory stick, but, more importantly, gobs of pride. Whether you win or not, we’d love to hear your entries here on CDM, too.

PSP Rhythm is having a song contest and the top 3 song entries will win a 1gb SanDisk Pro Duo memory stick.

Contest Rules:

1. Your song must be created with PSP Rhythm 6.0.
2. You can submit as many songs as you like but can only win one prize.
3. You must include your samples and bank file.

Bonus Points:

1. Using Effects
2. Using the Bass Line Synthesizer
3. Using Extended Mode

Submit your song to rconlives@yahoo.com before August 31st.

In our effort to give back to the PSP homebrew community we are using all the donations received for our project to sponsor this contest.

Good Luck!!!

Louie and Billy Iturzaeta

9 responses to “PSP Rhythm 6: Samples, Skins, Solo, Stretch, More; Song Writing Contest”

  1. TkY says:

    Wooo Hooo!! I love this program. It's good to see that it is featured on such a cool website!

  2. RCON says:

    The song contest is over and there are results are in with 3 great songs! Check them out at http://www.psprhythm.com!

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  5. keret cox says:

    hi i am dafe i like wat i see in your FL studio

    i have that software but i want to know how to use it properly. my private mail is logomeall@yahoo.com please email me and tell me more about FL studio software. i`m producing my Demo now, i can organise a beat very well ,the only problem is i can`t pattern and i can`t record wat i have organize. so help this my private phone .+447011140402 or 0092348066530536

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  7. y.skiver says:

    were do you save the psp rhythm6.1 file to?

  8. rad.act.bea says:

    Where you can download the fl studio skins for psp rhythm 7.1

  9. Jason Horn says:


    Great stuff if you get this email me…..