Via Video Thing, it looks like the dreamy Red digital cinema camera is on track to becoming a real piece of gear:

Mysterium sensor at dvxuser

The Red Digital Camera has caused a lot of fuss; in theory, it certainly sounds great: the creators want to “design and build a high performance digital cine camera with the quality of 35mm film and convenience of a camcorder” and “render obsolescence obsolete” with an ultra-high-definition camera to end all cameras. The sensor would be a key first step to getting there. For now, things are a little … well … mysterium.

You can signup on a list at the Red site for the latest, or just stick around here as we wait with baited breath. In the meantime, sing along, to the tune of “O, Magnum Mysterium”:

O, Camerum, Mysterium …

… now, what’s Latin for “when do we get to see the real thing”?