Creative Commons advocate and sound designer/musician Marco continues a stream of useful links at his blog Melodiefabriek. The latest: sample libraries composed entirely of Creative Commons-licensed material:

ccMixStar Sample packs
The Freesound Project, CC-licensed sound
via ccMixStar Sample Packs [Melodiefabriek]

What’s great here is that the remix site (ccMixster) is teaming up with sample sound libraries (ccMixStar and Freesound) to create an entire community built around sound, resampling, remixing, and music creation. The Creative Commons license ensures that that community will continue to mix new sounds from its members, in a big, communal, sound sharing universe. I don’t really see these as competition for commercial soundware libraries; instead, they offer a chance to share your music, get your sounds into other people’s work, and take advantage of an alternative sound library that would never exist commercially. If you make music using this stuff, I’m sure we’d love to hear it. Let us know.