Fans of VJing, visuals, and interactivity will want to subscribe to the Create Digital Motion RSS feed, but I’ll be checking in with our sister site to keep more casual readers up-to-date. Here’s the latest from our new site in its early days of operation:

In part II on my series for building a Small Form Factor PC for gigs, I discuss some tips for removing Windows bloat, something that’s sure to appeal to Windows music users, too. (I’m about to do my first music gig with the same machine Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens — first, I need to improve disk performance in Kontakt, but that’s another story.)

If you’ve faced challenges moving around big multimedia files or video files for scoring projects, Jaymis points to some tips.

VJ software updates: Livid has new software for rigging together multiple Edirol V-4 video mixers for eight channels of video goodness, and Resolume 2.4 beta is available with (among other things) DMX support (hear that, theater folk?)

Jaymis looks at guerilla projection, aka photobombing

Create Digital Motion is still teething, but expect it to kick into high gear soon, even if I have to double my espresso dosage. Thanks for your support!