Broadband is almost ubiquitous, so sending draft renders or completed video projects to remote clients and collaborators electronically is becoming more viable. That they have the bandwidth to receive your file doesn’t mean they have the technical knowledge to connect to an FTP server though. VLOBLIVE (Very LOw Budget LIve Video for Events) has some useful tips and links to get that file delivered easily:

Often you will be in a situation before a VLOBLIVE gig where you want someone to send you a powerpoint file, or a movie clip or a graphic file in advance of the gig so you can do some work on it, (or at least check it’s not totally unusable!). Or you may have a ‘work in progress’ clip or image that you want approval on, or comments on, and you don’t have time to send a CD or DVD in the post.

The need is for an easy, efficient way to send VERY large files to people, and, more importantly for allowing other non-techie people to send them to you.

Of course you COULD set up your own ftp server or web server and do it yourself, but setting up a system where any member of the public (who is only just coping with the concept of attaching files to an email) can use it successfully isn’t so easy. (trust me on that one!)

I personally tend to upload files to my webserver and send web links, but if you don’t want to shell out the $10 or so monthly for a hosting account, or don’t really care for another set of protocols, programs and passwords, then these tips may be very useful.

VLOBLIVE – Tips for sending & receiving BIG media files electronically.