While we’ve been keeping tabs on the new release of Ableton Live 6, Marc Weidenbaum of Disquiet has been listening to the latest from Monolake, aka Ableton co-founder and software architect Robert Henke:

Monolake music releases are almost always timed to the arrival of a new Live software release, but Henke is more than just the company’s marquee clothes horse; he’s also its most celebrated alpha-tester, working the software hard in advance of it being offered to the general public.

According to his post, once Live 6 has been released, he’ll make some of these patches, or subroutines, available for download as well. In other words: an impending software upgrade engenders experimental music, which engenders more software.

Generative Monolake MP3s [Disquiet.com; thanks, Marc!]

I’m actually not sure if Robert intentionally times new music releases with Live, but if it’s not a coincidence, it certainly has held true — maybe all that software testing delays the music release! These are, as always, interesting tracks, and I look forward to seeing his software. At the same time, there’s something comforting about knowing I can use software Monolake helped design and come up with results that sound completely unrelated.

Speaking of which, expect mobs of Ableton Live users tomorrow here in New York at the Delancey tomorrow night at the growing Warper Party. I’ll be there doing music and visual sets if you want to say hello.