Stroh’s Strange, Early 20th Century Horn-Violins; “Digital Violin” Resource

Amplifying violins — and processing them with bizarre Max/MSP patches using mics and pickups and gyroscope bows — is no longer a major challenge. But it wasn’t always so. Early recordings of violins faced the challenge of the fragile sound of the instrument. Builders like John Matthias Augustus Stroh devised a primitive but effective solution: […]

Expanding the Violin: Diana Young’s Sensor-packed Hyperbow

The original design of the violin is a classic, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to improve upon it with modern tech. While it looks mostly like an ordinary bow, the Hyperbow is designed to electronically measure gestures and calculate force, speed, and bow-bridge distance, thanks to accelerometers, gyroscopes, and force sensors. The bow, […]

Peter Kirn - August 9, 2006

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