Public Service Announcement: Neuromixer AVMixer Pro 2 Survey

Neuromixer Pro 2 on the horizon? Well I guess technically it is, but first we need to tell them what we want from VJ software. At Neuromixer we are currently developing the most reliable, intuitive and versatile VJ application to date, AVmixer Pro 2. We are taking the existing design and functionality of AVmixer Pro […]

Control Ableton Live Wirelessly with a Sony PSP: Now Available for Download, Free

We saw wireless MIDI and mouse control via the Sony PSP, the creation of media artist and hacker Rob King. Now Rob writes to say he’s finished the first release of his software for controlling Ableton Live directly from PSP, and it’s available as a free download. PLAYLIVE IS HERE [Rob King’s] The Ableton […]

Peter Kirn - August 23, 2006

Pen Zen: Plotter Video Exported as FLV

I’ve been doing some more work on my Processing-Plotter setup. The current plan is to amass a collection of Processing sketches which perform various plotter functions – initialization, scaling, shade modes, layers, shapes, communication etc. – and then put them together as a Processing library. This is fun for me, but like the initial circle […]

Jaymis Loveday - August 23, 2006

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