It’s like mastering engineer: the game. Craig Harris has a great review for IGN of the new GBA Bit Generations series in Japan. Soundvoyager has you don headphones and play using your ears:

There are various different game styles in Soundvoyager, but they ultimately boil down to “find the center channel.” In one mode, you’re a dot sliding along a forced-scrolling environment trying to find an invisible dot on the grid by listening for its sound in the left or right channel. Center up your on-screen dot, and snag the soundmaker.

Previews: Bit Generations Part II [IGN]

Stereo phase as a game? I’ll bite. Now all we need is a whole series of games to retrain our less-than-golden ears and teach us how to properly mix, apply compression, and use EQ. Any game programmers – slash – audio engineers up to the challenge?

No word yet on whether Bit Generations will get a US import (sounds like a good idea, given the slim pickin’s for GBA these days). But given Nintendo’s adventurous, experimental releases and the fact that games are light on text, I’ve got my fingers crossed. Readers in Japan or bold importers, let us know if you pick this up!