Producer/composer Simon James, aka Corky Burger, has produced over an hour celebrating Bob Moog. Dr. Moog’s voice booms over a rich and wildly eclectic mix of music built on his instruments, interspersed by the voiceover from an old Moog Music demo piece. The timbral variety that results speaks volumes. While the mainstream press in their obituaries for Dr. Moog last year sometimes described his analog synths as outmoded or dated, these sounds are actually becoming more familiar to our ears over time, not less. With Moog still producing new instruments (Little Phatty, Moog Voyager), software emulations of the classic models, and virtually every software and hardware instrument deeply impacted by his designs, Bob is alive everywhere you look.

Simon writes:

Hope you enjoy the show and pardon the seriousness of the intro, on reflection I could have been a bit more celebratory in tone. It was sad when Bob Moog passed away but the show celebrates his life.

And before we get too serious, let’s admit it: we’re glad we get to live in an age where Nancy Sinatra’s Daytripper was covered on Moog synths.

Totally Radio: A Bob Moog Celebration

For shorter musical moments, Simon (“Corky”) has an extensive collection of Moog ringtones, so you can keep those Moog sounds ringing everywhere you go. Simon has also produced the fantastic Welcome to Mars podcast, filled with wall-to-wall Moog Voyager sounds.

You can download CDM’s own Moog Voyager ring tone, created by Corky, here:

Create Digital Tone

Preview CDM Tone

And, of course, Moog Music yesterday remembered their namesake with their 20-second Moment of Moog:

Moment of Moog

Composer Ken Soper reflects, “These sounds remind me that Bob, like the Minimoog Voyager, is alive.â€Â?