In a bizarrely, inadvertently awesome piece of marketing propaganda, Chinese keyboard maker CME (the Centrl Music Company, distributed here by Yamaha America) has posted a surreal music video of pop rockers singing a rock anthem.

The lyrics, at least from their translation, could well be the theme song of the music technology blogger / commenter / forum troll. And as if the stiff pop stars jamming on CME ‘boards weren’t strange enough, then a bunch of guys in gas masks show up to repaint their gear using white household latex paint. Things kind of getting stranger from there. (And to think, Tom of Music thing thought white synths jumped the shark during the Madonna tour. Now I think they may have eaten the shark, or the shark bought a keytar, or something.)

Tell me this is not the music technology blogosphere’s new revolutionary anthem. Together, we shall overthrow the tyranny of … something. Because we are sure we are always right. No body can stop us, or our revolution. Erm, but first we go to Home Depot — someone has to paint over those ridiculously ugly factory paint jobs on the CME synths.

I don’t care other people’s comments
I am self determined
I’m the ruler of my world
No one no body can stops me

Maybe other people like to follow but I do not
They let other people think for themselves
Anyway I am the self determined one
I am sure I am always right

I am self-determined and always true
Do not say that I am aggressive
I am assertive and have my own mind
I do not mind other’s eyesight
I am self-determined so be crazy with be
Do not say that I am aggressive
I am self-determined and that’s what I am
That’s what I am

In other news: we have yet more need for t-shirts. (“Create Digital Music: So be crazy with be!“)

If you want to try downloading this, head to the CME Pro website and click the MTV link. (That either means this is airing as an ad on MTV China, or they just use MTV to mean all music videos.) For faster access, YouTube video after the jump.