I love free synths for two reasons. First, they’re free. Second, they’re often perfect for some simple, fun inspiration without knob overload. KeyToSound’s new REMEDY soft synth sounds great, and has just enough control to be a fun instrument to drop into your session. Highlights:

  1. Two oscillators, with mix, Pulse Width Modulation, FM Modulation
  2. 5-voice polyphony/mono, portamento
  3. Amp section, with PWM and FM amounts
  4. Filter with resonance, drive, and velocity controls
  5. Host-synced arpeggiator

Now: XP VST, Mac VST + AU
Coming Soon: Mac/PC RTAS, Universal Binary

Sounds about perfect to me. KeyToSound also has the extensive NexSyn instrument if you decide to upgrade. But even with a huge library of soft synths, I’ve been looking for a totally basic synth like this, so I’m happy to have a free one.

As always, let us know how this works out for you on your system.

Updated: The answer to how this works? Not so hot. The plug-in seems to be too buggy to recommend. Damn. KeyToSound, any thoughts? You going to fix this thing, or what?