iStockVideo launches

Welcome starving visualists! I know there’s plenty of you reading this. Well, perhaps not starving, but you’d definitely like more pocket money so you can buy some of the cool stuff you’re seeing on CDMo or CDMu. You’ve got plenty of original material right? Now all you need is a way for that material to make you some money, a way that doesn’t involve carting all of your precious gear to some grimy club and producing beautiful live imagery alongside music of questionable artistic merit. Make money while sitting at home in your socks watching My Name Is Earl. Sound like a plan?

Community-driven royalty free imagery hub iStockPhoto have just announced iStockVideo. Moving picture creators can sign up and submit content as of yesterday, and videos will be on sale from September 5th, 2006.

iStockVideo is looking for animation, stop-motion, digitized film and of course boring old video. Acceptable clip sizes are 640×480 to 1920×1080, 24-30 FPS, 5-30 seconds long. This may feel a little constrained length-wise, but keep in mind that they’re looking for stock, not stories. Single shots are more useful than pre-edited material, and using shorter length clips means you can sell more of them! $50 for a HD 1080 clip sounds like a plan to me.

You know what to do.

Sellout Disclosure: Links to iStockPhoto contain an affiliate code. If you join the program and upload videos, CDMotion gets a cut for each clip you upload.
Peter: Iceland VJ Adventure anyone?