Ever since I first spotted the Edirol R-09 SD-based flash recorder at the NAMM show, it’s been an absurdly hot item. There are some 50 comments going on that item, largely from people wanting to know how it is. Only problem: I don’t have one. While I talk to Edirol about that, here’s an early reader report.

Via the CDM forums, our friend masterslave (guessing that’s not his real name), sends a detailed first impressions report, complete with sound samples. It’s not a full review, but the sound samples are impressive; the built-in mics sound great. (Never knock lowly electret-condensers; they’re cheap, reliable, rugged, and have a nice, warm sound.)

Edirol R-09 First Impressions [r09.ocbka.org]

Anyone else who’s gotten a hold of this or other gear and wants to share the results, don’t be shy!