Our readers are smarter than your readers. And, erm, this writer, sometimes.

Keyboard Magazine, 1985: Recalling music tech from back in the day.

I remember that issue. Was surprised to notice that it’s now 21 years old. Crap. *I’m* old. Those were coolest issues with the SoundPages, the little flexible tear-out 45’s. Heh, I think that was the year I got my first synth, an SH-101 with the pitch bend neck and guitar strap (still have it). Good times, good times. -Eric

Graphics, Schmaphics: It’s about the experience, right, Nintendo? (Especially when you can’t see and have to play by ear, literally.)

… What is kind of cool about the game is that the screen is all but useless after the first couple of obstacles, because they get dimmer and dimmer visibly. -Anonymous GBA Soundvoyager reviewer

When Fish and Gadgets Collide: The experimental design-art Koibeat pictured at top is just far cooler than a KAOSS Pad; sorry, Korg. Fred has seen experimental Japanese automats in performance:

… Very strange group and difficult to describe, but really a must-see if you like automats, absurd situations, japanese pop music and humour. -Fred/Lanquarem

And in other news, readers discuss hands-on experimence with the NuLOOQ controller from Logitech (and one of the reps from the company will evidently pass the idea on to the engineers), and help troubleshoot ReWire and Logic.

Quote of the week: Rosling’s advice for turning voice over IP to your evil Dalek purposes (with Soundflower, once we get it working):

Scare your friends and family by throwing a ring modulator->delay on your voice mid-Skype.