Attach Your Storage to the Network: NAS Setup and Links

DVGuru have reminded me about something on my projects list which really should be assigned a higher priority: Networked storage. Australian Tech Blogger of Uberness Dan has touched on this in the past and a more recent article which includes a magic list of NAS devices which allow drive spin-down. This is critical; a consumer […]

Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Production Suite Released

Previously leaked mentioned Sony Vegas 7 is now available. Official information is on the Sony site, they say $149.95 for upgrade, $499.95 new. It’s showing up on Amazon for $450ish. Tasty. Something I hadn’t previously heard about is the Envelope Brush tool. Envelope brush “paint” tool New! The new envelope brush tool in Vegas 7 […]

Jaymis Loveday - September 27, 2006

Impactist's Beautiful Stop Motion Spot for Peace Corps

Mixing traditional low-framerate stop motion photography with some beautifully composited morphs, Impactist’s Peace Corps spot is utterly stunning. via Motionographer The Impactist guys weighed in to the comments with these notes on technique: We shot using a digital SLR for a number of reasons. First off, the resolution. The project was finished in HD, so […]

Jaymis Loveday - September 27, 2006

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